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Join us in congratulating the Staples Elementary Junior Safety Patrol for being named the Texas School Safety Center's Statewide Student-Led Groups or Programs Award winner after achieving the organization's Spotlight Award winner in the same category for the Spring 2024 semester!

The Staples Junior Safety Patrol began this school year under the guidance of the campus safety monitor, Lori Jones, as a way for students to develop leadership skills and cultivate a sense of responsibility toward their peers and the school community. The group increases student involvement and raises awareness of safety and security measures. 

During their weekly meetings, the safety patrol discusses and addresses potential safety concerns, learns ways to identify issues and finds proactive solutions to potential problems. The students' dedication and their efforts in patrolling the campus have boosted the campus safety culture and are a clear sign that safety is important to the students. 

When asked why they enjoy being a part of the safety patrol, the students pointed to the extra opportunities the patrol gives them to help one another and how showing respect to everyone makes their campus a better, safer learning environment. 

The safety patrol will be honored at the 2024 Texas School Safety Conference on June 27 in San Antonio.

A huge congratulations to Mrs. Jones and all of her students! 

SES Junior Safety Patrol - Texas School Safety Center Award